The core release in the Wrath of the Righteous product line.

Base Game Cards

This listing does not include the cards in Adventure Path deck 1 (The Worldwound Incursion), which comes with the Base Set, or the S&S Character Add-On Deck.

Basic Elite (No power-level trait) Veteran Loot - always at top

Base Set Standard Boons (210/102)

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Weapon (30/17) Spell (30/19) Armor (25/14) Item (30/21) Ally (35/20) Blessing (68/10)
Bolas Agility Helm (2) Sacred Prism Athlete (2) Blessing of Ascension (35)
Hand Crossbow (2) Brilliance (2) Hide Armor (2) Blood Periapt (2) Blackwing Librarian (2) Blessing of Abadar (3)
Heavy Pick (2) Burst Bonds Leather Armor Book of the Loremaster Frilled Lizard Blessing of Abraxas (5)
Javelin (2) Create Pit (2) Padded Armor Caltrop Bead (2) Frog (2) Blessing of Baphomet (5)
Longspear (2) Cure (3) Scale Mail (3) Codex (2) Recruit (2) Blessing of Iomedae (3)
Longsword (2) Dazzle (2) Stalking Armor (2) Holy Water Grenade (2) Researcher (3) Blessing of Pulura (3)
Mace (2) Detect Demon (2) Wooden Shield (3) Potion of Beast Skin (2) Riding Horse (3) Blessing of Sarenrae (3)
Quarterstaff Enchanted Fang Corroded Helm (3) Potion of Striding Teamster (2) Blessing of Shax (5)
Shortbow (3) Fireblade Full Plate (2) Ring of Climbing Vulture Blessing of Shelyn (3)
Sickle (3) Frigid Blast (2) Magic Half-Plate Sage's Journal (2) Bat (2) Blessing of Torag (3)
Corrosive Dagger +1 (2) Lightning Touch Magic Padded Armor (2) Trapsmith Gloves (2) Caravan Guard (2)
Lance (2) Sanctuary Magic Scale Mail Archer's Bracers Animal Tamer
Quarterstaff of Vaulting Viper Strike Magic Shield Horn of Battle Clarity Apprentice (2)
Scythe Fiery Glare (2) Steel Shield Portable Altar Belthis Loumis
Glaive +1 Glibness Silver Raven Figurine Demon Hunter (2)
Heavy Crossbow (2) Skitter (2) Abyssal Traveler's Kit Grizzled Mercenary
Swordbreaker Good Omen (2) Demon Hunter's Handbook Interrogator
Mirror Image Exorcism Kit Mendevian Crusader (2)
Sacred Weapon (2) Holy Phylactery Raconteur
Nectar of the Gods Retainer (2)
Wand of Paralyze

Base Set Standard Banes and Other (146/70)

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Adventure (5/5) Monster (34/25) Barrier (18/11)
Adventure Path Cave Lizard Corrupted Crusaders (2)
Into the Worldwound Cave Viper Baleful Shadows (2)
The Godless Ones Dire Rat Arboreal Blight
The Elven Entanglement Giant Cockroach (2) Demonic Horde
The Wardstone Patrol Giant Maggot Swarm (2) Explosive Runes
The Traitor's Lodge Skeleton Rallying Cry
Vengeance at Sundered Crag Zombie Spiked Pit Trap
Locations 28/28 Blasphemous Priest Temptation of Arms
Abattoir Bunyip Temptation of Attraction
Abyssal Rift Cambion (2) Temptation of Invincibility
Abyssal River Carrion Golem (2) Temptation of Lucre
Armory Constrictor Snake Villains (7/7)
Befouled Altar Crocodile Fihralaz
Canyon Ghost Karsos
Cathedral of St. Clydwell Ghoul Khorramzadeh
Cavern Giant Amoeba Savash
Cell Giant Fly (2) Sophini
Cemetery Man-Eating Aurochs Tancred Desimere
Citadel Mongrel Ranger (2) Thurl and Inhaz
Dark Forest Mongrel Wizard (2) Henchmen (48/16)
Family Tomb Pitborn Scoundrel (2) Blackfire Adept
Forsaken Cloister Rat Swarm Brimorak (5)
Great Hall Vampire Spawn Carnivorous Stump
Guardpost Mercenary Ceustodaemon
Laboratory Worm Demon (2) Corrupted Soldier
Manor House Cohorts (5/5) Cultist of Baphomet (5)
Marketplace Cecilla the Uprooter Demonling
Maze Donahan Derakni (4)
Middle of Nowhere Padrig (Wrath of the Righteous) Fiendish Minotaur (3)
Molten Pool Sir Ilivan Fiendish Tree
Sacristy Vinst Ghalcor
Sanctum Support (1/1) Tangle Trap (4)
Temple of Iomedae Redemption Ulkreth (6)
Torture Chamber

Mythic Paths (6/6)

Unfettered Eidolon (4)
Watchtower Mythic Archmage Vescavor Swarm (5)
Wounded Lands Mythic Champion Wight (5)
Mythic Guardian
Mythic Hierophant
Mythic Marshal
Mythic Trickster

Base Set total card count: (393/199)

(Includes 21 for [character+role+token] cards x 7 characters)

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