The Wrath of the Righteous product line contains the third Base Set, 5 Adventure Decks, and Character Add-On Deck released for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

1 season of Organized Play uses the Wrath of the Righteous Base Set + Adventure Path:

  • Season of the Righteous (Season 1)

Base Set

Only the Base Set is needed to start playing Wrath of the Righteous with 1-4 players. It ships with 7 very different characters and 10 ~1 hour scenarios, including the first Adventure Deck.

Base Set contents are described in their own article.

Adventure Path

For more than a hundred years, the demon-infested Worldwound has warred against humanity. Along the border of lost Sarkoris, Abyssal armies clash with crusaders, barbarians, and mercenaries, yet the city of Kenabres stands defiant. Demon lords conspire to bring down the last vestiges of resistance, sacrificing legion of servitors. Queen Galfrey has sent out the call: can heroes seal the Worldwound forever?

While each adventure deck can technically be played with only the initial cards in the Base Set, you can most easily run a smooth, interconnected campaign by starting with either of the Base Set adventures (B or 1) and advancing down this list.

Name Deck Number US Release Date
Into the Worldwound B (in Base Set)
The Worldwound Incursion 1 (in Base Set)
Sword of Valor 2
Demon's Heresy 3
The Midnight Isles 4
Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth 5
City of Locusts 6

In locations that have the Abyssal trait, ignore the Outsider trait on banes.

After you begin Demon's Heresy, when you would banish a bane that has the Basic trait, remove it from the game; when you would banish a boon that has the Basic trait, you may remove it from the game. After you begin Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth, do the same for cards that have the Elite trait.

Reward for completing this adventure path: Each character gains a card feat.


Name Class Included In
Alain Cavalier Base Set
Balazar Summoner Base Set
Enora Arcanist Base Set
Harsk Ranger Base Set
Imrijka Inquisitor Base Set
Kyra Cleric Base Set
Seelah Paladin Base Set
Adowyn Hunter Character Add-on
Crowe Bloodrager Character Add-on
Seoni Sorcerer Character Add-on
Shardra Shaman Character Add-on
Arueshalae Spy Demon's Heresy (Deck 3)
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