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The Ultimate Wilderness Add-On Deck lets you double the size of your deck box for Organized Play, or just adds plenty of flavorful boons to discover in your home game. It also introduces Zova, the iconic shifter.

Back of the Box

Delve into the lush terrain of Golarion to gain new cards for your wild, wild life. Overgrown with new animal allies and fungal infusions, the Ultimate Wilderness Add-On Deck can be used with any Pathfinder Adventure Card Game character or Adventure Path. Or you can play with the character included in this 109-card box: Zova, the iconic Shifter!


This add-on deck includes some notable themes: !Plants! !Animals! !Aspects!


The bolded ability names and their immediately following italicized text are Community-created and even more unofficial than usual for this wiki. More generally, all playstyle listings here are reductive and incomplete by necessity. Look at them for inspiration, then build and play your character as you see fit: [need show/hide button]


Card List

Count format: (cards/card names)













Basic Atlatl Aspect of the Mouse Erutaki Coat Amulet of Mighty Fists Dwarf Caiman Blessing of the Elements
Hatchet Elemental Treaty Cloud Puff Koala Blessing of the Green Faith (2)
Kopis Aspect of the Snake Desna's Star Porcupine
Terbutje Ring of Climbing Shock Lizard
Vine Leshy
B Mountaineer Staff Animal Friendship Crocodile Skin Madu Blue Star Green Maiden Blessing of Gozreh
Shock Longbow +1 Aspect of the Hawk
Frost Staff Stone Weasel Blessing of Kelizandri
Healer's Kit Blessing of Lamashtu
1 Demonbane Light Crossbow +1 Aspect of the Frog Bestial Rags Altitude Fern Leshykineticist Blessing of Chaldira Zuzaristan
Stone Axe +1 Primal Attunement Goblinvine Fire Gecko Blessing of Milani
Wintervine Raven
2 Beaststrike Club Aspect of the Monkey Jawbreaker Shield Angelstep Verdant Rager Blessing of Ketephys
Javelin of Lightning Aspect of the Bat Draughtcap Fungus Sedja Blessing of Thoth
Cauterize Salvation Cactus Thylacine
3 Hawkmoon Bow Elemental Mastery Reed Snake Armor Belt of Teeth Ambusher Blessing of Horus
Seaborne Trident +1 Bloody Mandrake Reed Moccasin Blessing of Nivi Rhombodazzle
Snapping Flytrap
4 Allying Hand Crossbow +2 Aspect of the Bull Coat of Mist Balmberry Bush Druid of the Green Faith Blessing of Ra
Freezing Backsword +2 Eruption Dryad Sandals Elyana Blessing of the Demon Queen
Vampire Squid
5 Huntsman's Greatsword +2 Aspect of the Tiger Elephant Shield Amulet of Furious Fists Archaeopteryx Blessing of the Everbloom
Thorn Bow Toadstorm Witchhunter's Sword Moose
6 Chakram of Ruin Aspect of the Dinosaur Ursine Rageskin Goblin Fire Drum Baby Triceratops Blessing of Wind and Waves
Greenblood Scourge Vengeful Storm Scarab of Khepri Hippopotamus Mud Elemental Blessing of the Starsong

Total Boons: (106/105)

Total Cards: (109/108) - includes 3/3 for [character+role+token] cards x 1 character; not including the card that explains how to use this deck in Organized Play/add to your home Base Set.

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