The Wormwood Mutiny is the first adventure in the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path. It ships with the Base Set and is not sold separately.

No one asks to join the crew of the ruthless pirate Barnabas Harrigan, but when his ship, the Wormwood leaves port, it usually sets sail with several unwitting new crew members. Survival aboard the Wormwood means carving out a place among a crew of vicious scalawags ready to fight for their bloodthirsty commander. There's booty to be had, after all, and opportunity awaits for those who demonstrate a knack for survival. And besides, following orders is often just a step on the path to being the one who gives them.


Name Reward
Press Ganged! Each character gains a skill feat.
Cat and Mouse For each plunder card, gain another random card of that type from the box. Gain a Class 1 ship feat.
The Wreck of the Infernus Each character gains a power feat.
The Grindylow and the Whale Loot: Besmara's Tricorne, Vindictive Harpoon
Plugg's Uglies Each character draws a random ally from the box.


Each character gains a card feat. Gain a Class 1 ship feat.

Card List

Basic Elite (No power-level trait) Veteran Loot - always at top

Boons (49/34)

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Vindictive Harpoon Holy Stone (2) Fortified Leather Armor Besmara's Tricorne Tidepool Dragon Blessing of Besmara (5)
Pepperbox Hydraulic Push Magic Wooden Armor Archer's Bracers Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop
Repelling Pike +1 Illuminate (2) Benevolent Buckler (2) Ring of the Beasts Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone
Shock Musket +1 Sphere of Fire (2) Ring of Wave Walking (2) Coral Capuchin (2)
Tidewater Cutlass +1 Obscure Spellmaster's Tricorne Crimson Cogward
Animalbane Dagger +1 Rage (2) Alchemical Glue (2) Cut-Throat Grok
Falcata +1 (2) Astrolabe Rosie Cusswell
Helpful Haversack (2) Sandara Quinn
Potion of Heroism (2)

Banes and Other (61/40)

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Villain (6/6) Monster (13/8) Support/Adventure (6/6)
Arron Ivy Bloodbug (2) The Wormwood Mutiny
Brinebrood Queen Devilfish Press Ganged!
Master Scourge Giant Frog (2) Cat and Mouse
Mister Plugg Giant Moray Eel (2) The Wreck of the Infernus
Rahadoumi Captain Reefclaw The Grindylow and the Whale
The Whale Tiger Shark (2) Plugg's Uglies
Henchman (20/8) Vine Choker Location (5/5)
Aretta Bansion Giant Rock Crab (2) Chapel
Botfly Swarm (7) Barrier (10/6) Ghol-Gan Ruins
Fipps Chumlett Harpoon Trap (2) Hatchery
Jaundiced Jape Taking on Water (2) Jungle
Maheem Goose in the Rigging Riptide Cove
Owlbear Hartshorn Swabbing the Decks (2) Ships (1/1)
Riptide Grindylow (7) Drowning Spikes Trap Man's Promise
Slippery Syl Lonegan Hull Damage (2)

Total card count: (110/74)

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