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Adventure Card Description

The Sky Pharaoh Hakotep I has risen and launched an offensive against the city of Wati as the start of a larger invasion of Osirion. Return to defend Wati from this attack, which is controlled from the Sky Pharaoh's flying tomb. Journey to the Slave Trenches of Hakotep to activate an ancient weapon to pull Hakotep's pyramid back to earth. Hakotep I may be the Forgotten Pharaoh, but his devastation will be remembered for generations to come.


The following scenarios comprise this adventure:

Name Reward
In Defense of Wati Each character gains a skill feat.
Activating the Sekrepheres Loot: Khai-Utef
Lanterns of the Bone Fields Each character gains a power feat
Hall of Crawling Fears Each character gains a skill feat.
Tef-Naju's Bastion Each character gains a card feat.

During this adventure: The scourge die is 1d8+1. When you are dealt Poison damage, if that damage is not reduced to 0, suffer the scourge Curse of the Ravenous.


Each character gains a power feat.

Card List

Basic Elite (No power-level trait) Veteran Loot - always at top

Adventure Deck 5 Boons (45/34)

Show/Hide table

Weapon (8/6) Spell (10/7) Armor (4/4) Item (10/10) Ally (8/6) Blessing (5/1)
Axe of the Imperative Dune of Doom (2) Aegis of Recovery Life Lantern Khai-Utef Blessing of the Lady of Graves (5)
Flaming Ranseur +3 Jolting Portent Parade Armor Pharaoh's Key Cloud Elemental
Galvanic Kopis +2 (2) Monstrous Physique Quickdraw Shield Bottled Lightning Freed Soul (2)
Iceblade Spelldagger Named Bullet Skyplate Armor Cenovath Pakesket
Rod of the Devoured Dawn Sirocco (2) Chest of Keeping Pyromaniac Mage
Venomous Heavy Crossbow +2 (2) Spite Cloud (2) Evocation Staff Sand Elemental (2)
Vision Lamp of Fiery Visions
Pure Holy Water
Ring of Stony Flesh
Wyvern Poison

Adventure Deck 5 Banes and Other (65/40)

Show/Hide table
Villain (5/5) Henchman (25/6) Monster (12/9) Barrier (8/7) Support/Adventure (10/8) Location (5/5)
Canopic Soul Aiveria Cenovath Swarm Holy Word Trap Curse of Blindness (3) Elemental Trenches
Devoted General Kor-Ahn-Tuk Earth Ossumental (2) Killing Box Trove of Tef-Naju Five-Pointed Sun
Dusk-Taker Memory Cenovath Giant Mummified Crocodile Pharaoh's Altar The Slave Trenches of Hakotep Garden of Ossumentals
Sensuret the Tribe-Eater Ossumental Swarm (7) Graven Guardian of Set Sightless Starvation (2) In Defense of Wati Guardian Vault
Tef-Naju Sekrephere (8) Hanshepsu Sky Pharaoh's Curse Activating the Sekrepheres Sculptors' Lair
Sky Pharaoh Guardian (7) Kalnaka (2) Tar Tomb Lanterns of the Bone Fields
Living Sandstorm (2) Telekinetic Enucleation Hall of Crawling Fears
Plasma Ooze Tef-Naju's Bastion
Shaitan Ghul

Adventure Deck 5 total card count: (110/74)

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