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Tempest Rising is the third adventure in the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path.

The rulers of the Shackles — the notorious Pirate Council and their leader, the Hurricane King — have taken notice. No longer just seaborne bandits, you and your crew have made names for yourselves as buccaneers not to be trifled with. But potential doesn't mean worthiness, and there's much to do before the pirate lords bestow their trust. You've succeeded on the seas, but in Port Peril, the de facto capital of the Shackles, the stakes are higher, the bounties are bigger, and the price of failure is even greater.


Name Reward
Shore Leave at Port Peril Each character gains a power feat.
Bizarre Love Triangle Each character gains a card feat.
The Brine Banshee's Grave Loot: Jalhazar's Wheel, Ring of the Iron Skull
Spies Among Us Each character gains a skill feat.
The Free Captains' Regatta Each character draws a random blessing from the box. Loot: Pirate's Favor


Each character chooses a role card and gains a power feat. Gain a Class 3 ship feat.

Card List

Basic Elite (No power-level trait) Veteran Loot
weakest scales strongest

Boons (44/33)

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Sharpshooter's Blade Animate Water Fortified Shell Armor (2) Sea Tyrant's Patch Imp Blessing of Kelizandri (5)
Humanbane Crossbow +2 Dimension Leap (2) Sniper's Studded Leather Crystal of Healing Hands Monkey (2) Pirate's Favor
Musket +2 Freezing Sphere (2) Wilderness Studded Leather Potion of Flying (2) Corlan
Navigator Musket +1 Skeleton Crew Besmaran Vestments (2) Potion of the Ocean (2) Dindreann
Seaborne Trident +1 Wall of Fire Powder Keg Haneilius Fitch
Trident +2 Jalhazar's Wheel Pierce Jerrell
Letter of Marque Slip
Ring of the Iron Skull Tessa Fairwind

Banes and Other (66/44)

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Villain (6/6) Monster (19/10) Support/Adventure (6/6)
Caulky Tarroon Cannoneer (2) Tempest Rising
Munarei Fever Sea Marauder (2) Shore Leave at Port Peril
Sarlis Giant Anaconda Bizarre Love Triangle
Selissa Blood Hag (2) The Brine Banshee's Grave
Uthiggmaru Darkforest Anemone (2) Spies Among Us
Zarskia Galembar Giant Jellyfish (2) The Free Captains' Regatta
Henchman (20/10) Great White Shark (2) Location (5/5)
Blackwater Charda Manticore (2) Gozreh's Flow
Cryptic Runes (6) Werecrocodile (2) Jasperleaf Apothecary
Fishpork Will-o'-Wisp (2) Sharkskin Reef
Giles Halmis Barrier (7/4) Tengu Rookery
Hurricane Winds (6) Jagged Shoals (2) Widowmaker Isle
Jalhazar's Curse Sandbar (2) Ship (3/3)
Lightning Elemental Wyvern Blade Trap Dowager Queen
Ormandar Cannonade (2) Kraken
Shimerae Sanbalot
Vakarla the Wrecker

Total card count: (110/77)

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