Sword of Valor is the second adventure in the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path.

The shattering of the wardstone kindled something deep within you. Your destiny, it would seem is to become a mythic adventurer. Perhaps your epic courage will be strong enough to hold back the raging armies of the Abyss. The Knights of Kenabres are marshaling for this cause, and all who are willing shall be drawn inside their ranks. The city of Drezen is the next metropolis, but it must be retaken from the hordes. Certainly, no army could do this alone. You will make the difference.


Name Reward
The Gibbering Swarm Draw the troop Knights of Kenabres from the box and gain a medal on it. Each character gains a power feat.
The Fifth Crusade Gain a medal on the troop Knights of Kenabres. Loot: Barding of Pleated Light
The Siege of Drezen Gain a medal on the troop Knights of Kenabres. Each character gains a card feat.
Into the Citadel Draw the troop Knights of Kenabres from the box and gain a medal on it. Loot: Soulshear
Gauntlet of Ruin Gain a medal on the troop Knights of Kenabres. Loot: Ring of Forcefangs

During this Adventure

The servitor demon is the henchman Blood Demon.


Each character gains skill feats corresponding to all checked skills on the troop Knights of Kenabres. Then banish Knights of Kenabres.

Back of the Box

An Army at Your Back!

You've survived your travails under the ruined city of Kenabres and ascended to your mythic potential. Now Queen Galfrey has asked you to set out into the Worldwound with her Mendevian army to retake the fortress stronghold of Drezen and the legendary Banner of Valor. The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Sword of Valor Adventure Deck is a 110-card expansion that adds new locations, monsters, armies, villains, and more to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, and also includes rare loot cards and 5 new scenarios that make up the complete Sword of Valor adventure. Continue your character's mythic ascension with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Sword of Valor Adventure Deck.

Card List

Basic Elite (No power-level trait) Veteran Loot - always at top

Base Set Standard Boons (50/34)

Show/Hide table
Weapon (8/6) Spell (9/6) Armor (9/6) Item (11/9) Ally (9/6) Blessing (5/1)
Soulshear Heat Metal Barding of Pleated Light Banner of Valor Minotaur Mercenary (2) Blessing of Nethys (5)
Cold Iron Mace +1 (2) Consecrate Gossamer Shrouds (2) Ring of Forcefangs Warhorse (2)
Flaming Spear +1 Paralyze Armor of the Pious Dawnflower's Light Druid of the Storm
Javelin of Lightning Unearthly Aim (2) Commander's Field Plate Horn of Assured Victory Kamilo Dann
Unholy Aspergillum +3 (2) Charm Monster (2) Imperial Army Greathelm (2) Knight's Pennon (2) Scribe
Marksman's Bow (2) Dismissal (2) Spiny Shield (2) Lyrimin Discourses Wolf (2)
Nahyndrian Elixir (2)
Planar Tuning Fork
Wand of Sacred Weapon

Base Set Banes and Other (55/39)

Show/Hide table
Villain (6/6) Henchman (21/11) Monster (10/6) Barrier (5/3) Support/Adventure (6/6) Location (4/4)
Eustoyriax Blood Demon Spectre Blood of Eustoyriax (2) Sword of Valor Celestial Beacon
Maugla Chorussina Berbalang Death of Righeousness The Gibbering Swarm Chasm of Shadows
Nulkineth Demonic Platoon Betrayal Demon (2) Telekinesis Trap (2) The Fifth Crusade Corruption Forge
Soltengrebbe Ilzek and Jadiss Cultist Archer (2) Troop (1/1) The Siege of Drezen Paradise Hill
Staunton Vhane Janeamine Gargoyle (2) Knights of Kenabres Into the Citadel Cohort (2/2)
Vescavor Queen Jestak Incubus (2) Gauntlet of Ruin Nurah Dendiwhar
Joram Vhane Salamander (2) Queen Galfrey
Theruk Nul
Undead Company (6)
Worldwound Cadre (6)

Base Set total card count: (105/73)

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