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The core release in the Skull & Shackles product line.

Base Game Cards

This listing does not include the cards in Adventure Path deck 1 (The Wormwood Mutiny), which comes with the Base Set, or the S&S Character Add-On Deck.

Basic Elite (No power-level trait) Veteran Loot - always at top

Base Set Standard Boons (244/116)

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Weapon (52/30) Spell (33/19) Armor (22/10) Item (37/25) Ally (32/22) Blessing (68/10)
Belaying Pin (2) Arcane Armor (2) Buckler (3) Amulet of Life Boatswain (2) Blessing of the Gods (32)
Boarding Axe (2) Black Spot (2) Chain Mail (2) Bracers of Protection Cabin Boy Blessing of Abadar (4)
Boarding Pike (2) Buoyancy Chain Shirt (3) Caltrops Captain (2) Blessing of Achaekek (4)
Cutlass (3) Cure (3) Cloth Armor (2) Conch Shell (2) Carver (2) Blessing of Cayden Cailean (4)
Dagger (3) Confusion Leather Armor (3) Eye Patch (3) Deckhand Blessing of Erastil (4)
Light Crossbow Detect Magic (2) Wooden Shield Potion of Fortitude (3) Jinx Eater Blessing of Gorum (4)
Longsword (2) Fireblade (2) Buckler Gun Potion of Glibness (2) Lookout (2) Blessing of Gozreh (4)
Mace (2) Force Missile (2) Magic Buckler (2) Powder Horn Master-at-Arms (2) Blessing of Milani (4)
Pistol (3) Frostbite (2) Magic Chain Shirt (2) Rum Bottle (2) Master Gunner (2) Blessing of Pharasma (4)
Quarterstaff (2) Inflict Magic Leather Armor (3) Thieves' Tools (2) Quartermaster Blessing of Sivanah (4)
Rapier (2) Magic Weapon (2) Amulet of Fortitude Sailor (2)
Sap Phantasmal Minion (2) Masterwork Tools Swab (2)
Shortbow (2) Strength (2) Old Salt's Bandana Acolyte
Short Sword Aid (2) Anchor Chanty Singer
Whip (2) Call Weapon Emerald of Dexterity Dolphin
Blunderbuss Fear (2) Nautical Charts Parrot (2)
Cat-o'-Nine-Tails Find Traps (2) Onyx of Constitution Surgeon
Cutlass +1 (2) Instant Armor Pearl of Wisdom Barefoot Samms Toppin
Dragon Pistol (2) Speed Potion of Healing (3) Besmaran Priest
Falcata (2) Ruby of Charisma Giffer Tibbs
Fire Lance Sapphire of Intelligence Heartbreak Hinsin
Harpoon (2) Token of Remembrance Old Salt (2)
Heavy Crossbow Topaz of Strength
Longbow Tot Flask (2)
Main-Gauche Spyglass (2)
Musket (2)
Pistol +1 (2)
Throwing Axe
Icy Boarding Pike +1 (2)

Base Set Banes and Other (135/87)

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Adventure (7/7) Monster (34/22) Villain (5/5)
Adventure Path Bilge Spider Swarm Adaro Barbarian
Plunder and Peril Crab Swarm (2) Jemma Redclaw
Island Hopping Dire Rat Kelizar the Brine Dragon
Rum Punch Merfolk (2) Nefti Unwesha
Dangerous Waters Skeleton (2) The Pirate Council
Sunken Treasure Smuggler (2) Henchman (36/7)
The Black Flag Zombie (2) Buccaneer (6)
Location (28/28) Blood Moon Pirate Enemy Ship (6)
Alehouse Bunyip Hammerhead Shark (5)
Beach Constrictor Snake (2) Hirgenzosk
Cannibal Isle Crocodile Pirate Shade Haunt (7)
Coastline Ghost Ruffian (5)
Docks Rat Swarm (2) Shipwreck (6)
Festhall Swamp Ghoul Ship (7/7)
Floating Shipyard Cecaelia Fleet/Plunder Table
Fog Bank Sea Drake Dominator
Fringes of the Eye Sea Hag (2) Merchantman
Harbor Marine (2) Wormwood
Holy Isle Mercenary (2) Sea Chanty
House of Stolen Kisses Pirate Captain (2) Shackles Pirate Ship
Lonely Island Shackles Pirate (2) Truewind
Mangrove Swamp Siren Caller
Merchant Marina Barrier (18/11)
Pinnacle Atoll Man Overboard!
Raker Shoals Trapped Locker
Rocky Cliff Treasure Map (2)
Safe House Bucket Brigade
Scar Bay Ambush (2)
Sea Caves Barroom Brawl (2)
Sea Fort Illusory Wall (2)
Seaside Warehouse Large Chest (2)
Shark Island Lookout Duty (2)
Shipwreck Graveyard Pirate Hunting (2)
Tempest Cay Treasure Hunt
Wishing Well

Base Set total card count: (400/224)

(includes 21/21 for [character+role+token] cards x 7 characters)

Characters are listed on the AP page.

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