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Adventure Card Description

Chasing the legend of the Forgotten Pharaoh leads to Tephu, the jewel of the River Sphinx. Gain the favor you need to access to the Great Library. The memories of those who served the Pharaohs of old are well-guarded and kept far from the living. Where the names of the dead wield power, no one is forgotten by accident. In the uncharted wastes beyond Tephu lies the last memory of why the Pharaoh was Forgotten


The following scenarios comprise this adventure:

Name Reward
Muminofrah's Amusement Each character gets the boons in the trophy stack next to her deck.
Quiet, Please Each character gains a card feat. Trader: Udjebet
Sting Operation Each character gains a skill feat. Loot: Scarab of Mummy Defense
Devouring Dunes Loot: Scarab Brooch Trader: Agymah
In Search of Chisisek Loot: Tetisurah, Sun Falcon Pectoral

During this adventure: The scourge die is 1d6+1. When you are dealt Poison damage, if that damage is not reduced by at least 1, suffer the scourge Curse of Poisoning.


Each character chooses a role card gains a power feat.

Card List

Basic Elite (No power-level trait) Veteran Loot - always at top

Base Set Standard Boons (47/39)

Show/Hide table
Weapon (6/5) Spell (10/7) Armor (5/5) Item (14/14) Ally (7/7) Blessing (5/1)
Dagger of Doubling (2) Caustic Fog Advocate's Armor Muminofrah's Favor Tetisurah Blessing of Isis (5)
Disrupting Rapier +1 Chain Lightning (2) Clawhand Shield Scarab Brooch Clockwork Menial
Shocking Scimitar +2 Day Star Half-Plate Scarab of Mummy Defense Commander Abdallah
Staff of Dark Flame Detonate Khamsin Coat Sun Falcon Pectoral Library Curator
Staff of the Uraeus Elemental Mastery (2) Reed Snake Armor Bird Feather Tokens Reed Moccasin
Bloodroot Poison Sedja
Mistform (2) Deliquescent Gloves The Viper
Effigy of Anubis
Symbol of Pain Knot of Isis
Volcanic Storm Ring of the Grasping Grave
Scarab Sand
Staff of Revelations
Wand of Scorching Ray

Base Set Banes and Other (63/45)

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Villain (9/7) Henchman (21/9) Monster (9/7) Barrier (7/7) Support/Adventure (11/9) Location (6/6)
Camel Race Finish Line Akitar Burning Child Blast Glyph Curse of Fevered Dreams (3) Camel Race
Cameltrops (3) Lamia Sisters Giant Crocodile Grave Goods Chisisek's Tomb
Sand Kraken Guecubu (2) Hungry Fog Great Library of Tephu
Stolen Larvae (8) Inevitable Trap Agymah Pleasure Barge
Cultist Charioteers Mummified Sphinx Insanity Mist Udjebet Thriae Hive
Deka An-Keret Rukh (2) Rolling Sphere Shifting Sands Vault of Hidden Wisdom
Jamirah Symbol of Fear Muminofrah's Amusement
Khabekh-Shu Skull Ripper Quiet, Please
Zizzira Thunder Lizard Sting Operation
Devouring Dunes
In Search of Chisisek
Tephu Librarian (6)
Thriae Dancer
Thriae Soldier

Base Set total card count: (110/84)

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