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Adventure Card Description

Deep in the Osirian desert stands the Sightless Sphinx, a massive, faceless monument that has recently become home to the Cult of the Forgotten Pharaoh. Neither the strange races of half-men nor the demon worshipers that previously held sway here are pleased about being displaced. Gain their aid or ire, but beware the scorpion's sting in either case.


The following scenarios comprise this adventure:

Name Reward
The Dragon's Garden Loot: Bronze Sentinel, Trader: Efni Raan
Pride of the Dispossessed The party gets all boons remaining in location decks.
Shadow of the Sphinx Each character gains a card feat. Loot: Erayu
Cult of the Sightless Sphinx Each character gains a skill feat.
A Woman of Entwined Souls Each character draws a random non-Basic blessing from the box.

During this adventure: The scourge die is 1d8. When you are dealt Poison damage, if that damage is not reduced by at least 1, suffer the scourge Curse of Daybane.


Each character gains a power feat.

Card List

Basic Elite (No power-level trait) Veteran Loot - always at top

Adventure Deck 4 Boons (41/33)

Show/Hide table
Weapon (7/6) Spell (10/8) Armor (5/4) Item (6/6) Ally (7/7) Blessing (6/2)
Fate Blade (2) Channel the Gift Bronze Sentinel Golden Serpent Armband Erayu Blessing of Anubis (3)
Mace of Ruin Elemental Skin Falcon Crown Mythopoeic Sphinx Ausetitha Blessing of Osiris (3)
Shattertouch Shotel +2 Eruption Silken Ceremonial Armor Jet of Anubis Hearth Elemental
Spellsword +2 Ice Storm (2) Steel Ibis Lamellar (2) Necklace of Fireballs Maftet Hunter
Striking Wing Scimitar Pillar of Life Sandstorm Dust Scribe
Thousand Stings Whip Safety Bubble (2) Sunrod Sophronia
Smite Abomination Zereletan
Whip of Centipedes

Adventure Deck 4 Banes and Other (69/43)

Show/Hide table
Villain (4/4) Henchman (31/12) Monster (13/8) Barrier (5/5) Support/Adventure (11/9) Location (5/5)
Forgotten Pharaoh Cultist of Areshkagal (5) Bonestorm (2) Collapsing Sphinx Curse of the Sphinx (3) Altar of Riddles
Half-Fiend Sphinx Disciple of the Forgotten Pharaoh (6) Elder Ice Elemental Eternal Captives Efni Raan Garden of Symmetry
Rubila Girtablilu (5) Elder Ifreeti (2) Fiendish Sphinx Naheeba Scorched Obelisk
Volatile Sentinel Heqet Elemental Arachnid (2) Shocking Chest Secrets of the Sphinx Silver Forge
Keferuzagra Girtablilu Ranger (2) Steel Scorpion The Dragon's Garden Walled Oasis
Kixexa Mummy Pride of the Dispossessed
Orchamus Mummy Golem Shadow of the Sphinx
Picasi Royal Naga (2) Cult of the Sightless Sphinx
Rathos A Woman of Entwined Souls
Sentinel Part (7)

Adventure Deck 4 total card count: (110/76)

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