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Rise of the Runelords logo.

The Rise of the Runelords product line contains the first Base Set, 5 Adventure Decks, and Character Add-On Deck released for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

2 seasons of Organized Play use the Rise of the Runelords Base Set + Adventure Path:

  • Season of the Runelords (Season 2)
  • Season of the Goblins! (Season 2B)

Base Set

Only the Base Set is needed to start playing Rise of the Runelords with 1-4 players. It ships with 7 very different characters and 8~1 hour scenarios, including the first Adventure Deck. The game expands to 1-6 players and 11 characters by adding the Character Add-On Deck.

Base Set contents are described in their own article.

Adventure Path

Evil is brewing in the sleepy coastal town of Sandpoint. An attack by vicious goblins reveals the shadows of an ancient evil stirring in the distant mountains, drawing in crazed murderers, inbred ogres, and warlike stone giants, ultimately leading to an epic conflict with a mighty wizard-king, the inheritor to an empire of unfathomable sin magic, in his fabled mountaintop city.

Which each adventure deck can technically be played with only the initial cards in the Base Set, you can most easily run a smooth, interconnected campaign by starting with either of the Base Set adventures (B or 1) and advancing down this list.

Name Deck Number US Release Date
Perils Of The Lost Coast B (in Base Set)
Burnt Offerings 1 (in Base Set)
The Skinsaw Murders 2
Hook Mountain Massacre 3
Fortress of the Stone Giants 4
Sins of the Saviors 5
Spires of Xin-Shalast 6

Reward for completing this Adventure Path: Each character gains a card feat.

This reward only matters if you:

  • Jump your character into the later chapters of Wrath of the Righteous. [Need link to relevant Paizo blog]
  • Play homebrew/community scenarios that provide continued high-level adventures for your characters, possibly providing further advancement opportunities.

Organized Play has its own separate schedule for granting rewards - this one doesn't apply there.


Name Class Included In
Ezren Wizard Base Set
Harsk Ranger Base Set
Kyra Cleric (of Sarenrae) Base Set
Lem Bard Base Set
Merisiel Rogue Base Set
Seoni Sorcerer Base Set
Valeros Fighter Base Set
Amiri Barbarian Character Add-on
Lini Druid Character Add-on
Sajan Monk Character Add-on
Seelah Paladin Character Add-on

Promo Cards

Several promo cards bear the Rise of the Runelords mark. List of Rise of the Runlords Promo Cards