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Raiders of the Fever Sea is the second adventure in the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path.

With a ship to command and a semi-loyal crew, you're ready to gain a reputation alongside the Shackles' most daring pirates. Learn the ways of a true buccaneer by preying on merchant ships, avoiding the vengeful hand of pirate-hunters, and searching for lost treasure. Of course, no one makes a name for themselves in the Shackles without getting their hands dirty. Sea monsters and aquatic raiders are among the least of a new captain's concerns when there are other pirates eager to end your legend before it's even begun!


Name Reward
Give the Devil His Due Gain all the plunder cards under the Sea Chanty.
The Toll of the Bell Each character gains a power feat.
Attack on Rickety's Squibs Each character gains a skill feat. Loot: Rickety Hake, Totem Necklace
The Lady's Favor Loot: Buccaneer's Breastplate, Farglass, Lady Agasta Smythee
The Secret of Mancatcher Cove Loot: Brine's Sting, Svingli's Eye


Each character gains a card feat. Gain a Class 2 ship feat.

Card List

Basic Elite (No power-level trait) Veteran Loot
weakest scales strongest

Boons (52/37)

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Item (15/11) Ally (5/5) Blessing (5/1)
Dragon Pistol +1 Aqueous Orb (2) Blackcloth Armor Jellyfish Cape Merrill Pegsworthy Blessing of Hshurha (5)
Morningstar +1 Dehydrating Touch (2) Stanching Buckler Liquid Ice (2) Rotgut
Musket +1 Animated Weapon Shark Skin Armor (2) Worn Leather Skullcap (2) Royster McCleagh
Toxic Blunderbuss +1 Geyser (2) Buccaneer's Breastplate Besmara's Bones Lady Agasta Smythee
Trident +1 Protect (2) Crown of Swords Rickety Hake
Seeking Harpoon +1 Safe Harbor (2) Jolly Roger (2)
Dagger Pistol +1 Periscope (2)
Keen Falcata +1 (2) Wand of Flame
Zul Farglass
Brine's Sting Svingli's Eye
Totem Necklace

Banes and Other (58/38)

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Villain (7/7) Monster (13/9) Support/Adventure (6/6)
Commander Kyan Kain Bull Shark (2) Raiders of the Fever Sea
Gortus Svard Giant Wasp (2) Give the Devil His Due
Isabella "Inkskin" Locke Scalawag (2) The Toll of the Bell
Krelloort Sea Cat Attack on Rickety's Squibs
Sea Devil Prince Canopy Creeper The Lady's Favor
The Matron Jellyfish Swarm The Secret of Mancatcher Cove
Whalebone Pilk Nirento Location (4/4)
Henchman (15/4) Sea Scourge Fishing Village
Knuckles Grype Port Peril Corsair (2) Mancatcher Cove
Scurvy Zombie (6) Barrier (10/5) Tidewater Rock
Sea Devil (7) Curse of the Deep (2) Windward Isle
The Ancient Mariner Spiked Log Trap (2) Ship (3/3)
Becalmed (2) Deathknell
Storm (2) Devil's Pallor
Pirate Entertainments (2) Thresher

Total card count: (110/75)

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