Plunder and Peril is an adventure that precedes the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path.

The Shackles include hundreds of islands spinning off from the western coast of Garund, and they're the perfect hunting grounds for the Inner Sea region's most notorious pirates. To join their ranks, you'll have to learn how to survive, not just aboard a ship, but among the treacherous scalawags and vicious sea monsters who call these broken isles home. You'll face brutal ship-to-ship battles, engagements with raiders from beneath the waves, and treacherous trips ashore. The life of a pirate is not for the weak!


The following scenarios comprise this adventure:

Name Reward
Island Hopping Each character gains a random item from the box.
Rum Punch Gain all the allies in the ally pile.
Dangerous Waters Each character draws a random weapon from the box. Gain a Class 0 ship feat.
Sunken Treasure Each character draws 3 random items from the box, banishes 2 of them, and gains 1.
The Black Flag For each plunder card, gain another random card of that type from the box.


Each character gains a skill feat.

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