Perils of the Lost Coast is an adventure that precedes the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. It comes with the digital version of the game and is completely playable without purchasing any additional content from the store.

The Lost Coast might be tame, but nowhere in the frontier lands of Varisia is entirely safe. Recently, gangs of Sczarni bandits—unscrupulous human thieves—have targeted the people of the quiet town of Sandpoint. Dangers lurk in town as well, as several innocents have suffered the venom of a mysterious poisoner. But most fearful are the rumors of slaughtered livestock and death soaring on shadowy wings. Sandpoint needs heroes. Are you up to the challenge?


The following scenarios comprise this adventure:

Name Reward
Brigandoom! Each character draws a random item from the box.
The Poison Pill Each character draws a random weapon from the box.
Black Fang's Dungeon Each character chooses a type of boon other than loot, then draws a random card of that type from the box.


Each character gains a skill feat.