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The Oracle Class Deck gives your oracle a toolkit for Organized Play, or just plenty of flavorful boons to discover in your home game. It also introduces 3 full oracle characters, including a new take on Alahazra, the oracle iconic, who was originally introduced in the Skull & Shackles Base Set.

Back of the Box

Magic And Mystery! Oracles see deep into the fundamental secrets of the universe, and use their magical might to bring the future to pass in the present. The Oracle Class Deck accessory for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game allows players yo bring these enigmatic spellcasters to any base set, including the demon-infested Wrath Of The Righteous campaign! The 109-Card Oracle Class Deck contains three new characters-including a new version of the iconic oracle Alahazra- and both new and familiar allies, spells, items, and other boons to carry your oracle through an entire adventure path. This deck can also be used in the popular Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Organized Play campaign.

Know the Unknown

The general characteristics and play style you can expect of any oracle (including the 3 in this deck):

  • Excel in Charisma: Divine.
  • Scout here, scout there; scout everywhere!
  • NO Augury. You won't need it!


The bolded ability names and their immediately following italicized text are Community-created and even more unofficial than usual for this wiki. More generally, all playstyle listings here are reductive and incomplete by necessity. Look at them for inspiration, then build and play your character as you see fit: [need show/hide button]

Alahazra Wandering Prophet Bride of the Sun
Grazzle Bog Medic Bone Diviner
Ramexes Haruspex Warsighted

Card List

Count format: (cards/card names)













Basic Heavy Pick Burst Bonds Crocodile Skin Armor Amulet of Life Boatswain Blessing of the Gods (5)
Khopesh Cure Hide Armor Flame Staff Clockwork Butterfly
Quarterstaff Detect Magic Wooden Shield Scrying Mirror Frog
Eloquence Lookout
Fireblade Researcher
Frigid Blast
Viper Strike
B Battleaxe Find Traps Magic Leather Armor Smoked Glass Goggles Apprentice Blessing of Pharasma
Holy Light
1 Bastard Sword +1 Flames of the Faithful Benevolent Buckler Ruby of Charisma Druid of the Flame Blessing of Abadar
Repelling Pike +1 Life Drain Elven Chain Shirt Seer's Tea Social Climber Blessing of Gorum
2 Flaming Scimitar +1 Aqueous Orb Hide Armor of Fire Resistance Helpful Haversack Clockwork Servant Blessing of Isis
Warhammer +2 Body of Flame Shark Skin Armor Wolf Blessing of Pharasma
Heat Metal
3 Disrupting Rapier +1 Cloak of Winds Wilderness Studded Leather Crystal Ball Imp Blessing of Gorum
Icy Hooked Hammer +1 Ice Strike Mist Horn Reveler Blessing of Milani
Major Cure
4 Heavy Pick +2 Divine Blaze Expeditious Chain Mail Climber's Gloves Harbinger Disciple Blessing of Osiris
Shortspear +3 Scrying Reflecting Shield Wayfarer Blessing of Sivanah
5 Humanbane Gladius +2 Icy Prison Bolstering Armor Blindfold of the Night Sky Chevalier Blessing of Achaekek
Sirocco Clockwork Librarian Blessing of Nethys
6 Shock Greatsword +2 Breath of Life Robe of Vision Pearl of Magic Fortune-Teller Blessing of Gorum
Sign of Wrath Mountaineer Blessing of Pharasma

Total Boons: (100/92)

Total Cards: (109/101) - includes 9/9 for [character+role+token] cards x 3 characters; not including the card that explains how to use this deck in Organized Play/add to your home Base Set.