Adds characters:

Ahmotep Magus
Channa Ti Druid
Drelm Cleric (of Abadar)
Mavaro Occultist
Count format: (cards/card names/new card names)
Basic Elite (No power-level trait) Veteran Any new card - not in the Base Set

Boons (69/56/15)

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Weapon (13/9/6) Spell (14/9/1) Armor (7/6/2) Item (12/11/2) Ally (14/12/4) Blessing (9/9/0)
Bolas Acid Jet (2) Armored Coat Acid Flask Aunty Blessing of Abadar
Djinni Quarterstaff Acid Splash Armored Kilt Bladeguard Camel (2) Blessing of Bastet
Explorer's Staff (3) Cure (2) Crocodile Skin Armor (2) Burglar's Bracers Dhabba Blessing of Horus
Fighting Crook Elemental Treaty (2) Crocodile Skin Shield Compass Embalmer (2) Blessing of Pharasma
Icy Longspear +1 Good Omen Tussah Silk Coat Crowbar (2) Falto Blessing of Ra
Khopesh (2) Lightning Touch Vented Plate Mail Flame Staff Pahmet Clansman Blessing of the Ancients
Spelldagger Remove Curse (2) Ghost Battling Ring Pard Blessing of the Elements
Twin Serpent Quarterstaff Unshakable Chill (2) Holy Water Grenade Porcupine Blessing of Nethys
Whip (2) Viper Strike Key of the Second Vault Shock Lizard Blessing of Wadjet
Magnifying Glass Stone Weasel
Noxious Bomb Tehrk Fourwinds
Tomb Raider

Banes, Support, and Locations (29/20/2)

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Henchman (16/8/0) Monster (5/5/2) Barrier (6/6/0) Support/Adventure (2/1/0)
Acid Pool (2) Blasphemous Priest Alchemical Gas Curse of Poisoning (2)
Aghash (2) Death Hound Collapsing Scaffolding
Alchemical Golem (2) Enchanter Dry Quicksand
Conflagration (2) Quicksand Bunyip Lightning Storm
Fire Spirit (2) Yellow Jelly The Evil Eye
Forgotten Pharaoh Cultist (2) Trapped Locker
Mining Construct (2)
Voices of the Spire (2)

Total card count: (110/88/29)

(includes 12/12/12 for [character+role+token] cards x 4 characters)

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