The Mummy's Mask product line contains the fourth Base Set, 6 Adventure Decks, and a Character Add-On Deck. Only the Base Set is needed to start playing Mummy's Mask with 1-4 players.

2 seasons of Organized Play use Mummy's Mask:

Adventure Path

"Osirion, the land of Pharaohs, is home to ancient cultures and creatures seen nowhere else. The power of the elements is strong in this land as is that of the Osirion Gods. Adventurers from all across Golarion brave the burning sun to uncover riches of a lost history buried in the tombs of generations past. Dark secrets lie here, and the soul of a forgotten pharaoh has risen to begin a new kingdom ruled by the undead."

Adventure Included in Base Set
B) Cross the Pharaoh's Land
1) The Half-Dead City
2) Empty Graves
3) Shifting Sands
4) Secrets of the Sphinx
5) The Slave Trenches of Hakotep
6) Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh


Name Class Included In
Alahazra Oracle Base Set
Damiel Alchemist Base Set
Estra Spiritualist Base Set
Ezren Wizard Base Set
Simoun Rogue Base Set
Yoon Kineticist Base Set
Zadim Slayer Base Set
Ahmotep Magus Character Add-on
Channa Ti Druid Character Add-on
Drelm Cleric (of Abadar) Character Add-on
Mavaro Occultist Character Add-on

Card List

While The Half-Dead City is contained within the Base Set, its 110 cards are listed in their own article, not here.

Card Count: (400 total/224 unique)

Basic Elite (No power-level trait) Veteran Loot
weakest scales strongest

- Boons (215/108)

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Blowgun (3) Acid Jet (2) Armored Kilt (3) Acid Flask (3) Camel (2) Blessing of the Ancients (16)
Khopesh Cure (4) Crocodile Skin Armor (2) Antitoxin Dhabba (3) Blessing of the Elements (16)
Kopis (4) Elemental Treaty (2) Crocodile Skin Shield Bladeguard (2) Embalmer (2) Blessing of Abadar (4)
Kukri (3) Fireblade (2) Tussah Silk Coat (3) Compass (2) Pahmet Clansman (3) Blessing of Bastet (4)
Torch (3) Immolate (2) Armor of the Sands Crowbar Porcupine (3) Blessing of Horus (4)
Whip Lightning Touch Crocodile Skin Helmet Fire Ward Gel Shock Lizard (2) Blessing of Nethys (4)
Chakram (2) Remove Curse (2) Crocodile Skin Lamellar (2) Flame Staff Tomb Raider (3) Blessing of Pharasma (4)
Corrosive Dagger +1 (2) Unshakable Chill (3) Crocodile Skin Madu Flash Freeze (3) Caravan Guard Blessing of Ra (4)
Djinni Quarterstaff Viper Strike Filter Hood (2) Holy Water Grenade Hyaenodon Blessing of Wadjet (4)
Falcata Clinging Venom (2) Catching Cape Magnifying Glass Dredge
Fire Lance Fiery Glare Scarab Buckler Noxious Bomb (2) Fire Gecko
Flaming Heavy Pick +1 Holy Light (2) Osirion History Guide (2) Giant Slug
Hunga Munga Acid Splash Alchemist's Kit Kafar
Poisoned Sand Tube Acute Senses (2) Brilliance of Ra Mahga Threefingers
Scimitar Augury (2) Canteen Marianix Karn
Shotel Find Traps (2) Feather of Maat Meehr Zet
Sling Staff Frost Staff Mumia Smuggler
Staff of Focus Healer's Kit Nefti the Bard
Garrote Kohl of Uncanny Discernment (2) Osirion Ancestor (2)
Potion of Energy Resistance Stone Weasel
Potion of Healing (2) Tarworks Master
Ring of the Godless Ubashki (2)
Seer's Tea Druid of the Hive
Smoked Glass Goggles Stained Glass Elemental
Twitch Tonic Honaire
Wing of Horus
Ghost Battling Ring
Game of Afterlife

- Banes and Other (164/95)

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Villain (11/6) Henchman (41/11) Monster (35/19) Barrier (22/15) Support/Adventure (27/16) Location (28/28)
Bonecrusher Master Acid Pool (5) Blasphemous Priest Alchemical Gas Scourge Table/Bazaar Alchemical Laboratory
Ifreeti Aghash (5) Bonecrusher Hunter (2) Baited Jewel Box (2) Curse of Daybane (3) Brickworks
Mirage Alchemical Golem (3) Bonecrusher Hyenamaster (2) Burning Tar Curse of Poisoning (8) Caravanserai
Sandstorm (6) Conflagration (6) Bonecrusher Wizard (2) Camouflaged Pit Trap (2) Curse of Vulnerability (3) Catacombs
Thuvian Alchemist Fire Spirit (5) Caravan Raider (2) Collapsing Scaffolding Falsin Deek Crypt
Tukanem-Hanam Forgotten Pharaoh Cultist (5) Death Hound Corridor Dart Trap (2) Hadden Hoppert Dilapidated Plaza
Giant Sand Eel Desert Trapper (2) Dry Quicksand Smiths of Wati Earthworks
Mining Construct (4) Emperor Cobra (2) Falling Rubble Defensive Stance Embalming Parlor
Natron Zombie Fire Hydra (2) Lightning Storm Adventure Path Glass Pavilion
Paracletus Geniekin (2) Malfunctioning Deathtrap (2) Cross the Pharaoh's Land Hot Springs
Voices of the Spire (5) Ghost Scorpion (2) Poison Blade Trap (2) All That Glitters Begets Gold Howling Sands
Hyena (2) The Evil Eye (2) A Sandstorm of Malevolent Will Mausoleum
Magma Spirit (2) Toxic Geyser (2) Desiccated Delirium Oasis
Sand Creeper (2) Trapped Locker The Tainted Tower Peasant Tombs
Scarab Swarm (2) Wall Scythes Forged in Flames Precious Mine
Shock Elemental (2) Quick-Start "Open Me First!" Quarry
Shock Toad (2) Ruined Temple
Skeletal Jackal (2) Scorched Ruins
Yellow Jelly Shifting Dunes
Smoking Den
Stonework Passages
Sulfur Pits
Towering Obelisk
Volcanic Vents
Windswept Chasm

- Character-Specific Cards (21/21) [stats, token, and role card for each]

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