The Monk Class Deck gives your agile melee fighters a toolkit for Organized Play, or just plenty of flavorful boons to discover in your home game. It also introduces 3 new monk characters, including a new version of the iconic monk, Sajan.

Back of the Box


The general characteristics and playstyle you can expect of any monk (including the 3 in this deck):

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The bolded ability names and their immediately following italicized text are Community-created and even more unofficial than usual for this wiki. More generally, all playstyle listings here are reductive and incomplete by necessity. Look at them for inspiration, then build and play your character as you see fit: [need show/hide button]


Card List

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Basic Butterfly Sword Amulet of Mighty Fists Athlete Blessing of the Gods (7)
Kama Blood Periapt Frog
Quarterstaff Caltrop Bead Quartermaster
Rochin Conch Shell Researcher
Sai Potion of Fortitude Teamster
Potion of Glibness Turtle
Trapsmith Gloves
B Kusarigama Emerald of Dexterity Chanty Singer Blessing of Cayden Cailean
Temple Sword Owner:Sajan Silver Raven Figurine Mastiff Blessing of Gorum
Snake Blessing of Irori (2)
Blessing of Lamashtu
Blessing of Milani
1 Acidic Whip +1 Kohl of Uncanny Discernment Raconteur Blessing of Abadar
Nunchaku +1 Ring of Wave Walking Riftwarden Blessing of Erastil
Blessing of Gozreh
2 Venomous Fighting Fan +1 Amulet of Fiery Fists Cook Blessing of Gorum (2nd)
War Razor +1 Crown of Swords Minotaur Mercenary Blessing of Lamashtu (2nd)
Hat of Glamour Blessing of Sivanah
3 Invigorating Temple Sword +2 Owner:Sajan Cure Ascetic's Belt Evangelist Blessing of Abadar (2nd)
Zul Pure Holy Water Imp Blessing of Gozreh (2nd)
Rogue Ape Blessing of Irori (3rd)
4 Adamantine Sai +2 Agility Amulet of Furious Fists Clockwork Librarian Blessing of Gorum (3rd)
Keen Butterfly Sword +2 Find Traps Headband of Inspired Wisdom Lizard Blessing of Lamashtu (3rd)
Blessing of Sivanah (2nd)
5 Furious Nunchaku +3 Steal Soul Boots of Teleportation Exalted

Blessing of Abadar (3rd)

Shortspear +3 Detect Magic Serpentform Belt Pious Healer Blessing of Irori (4th)
Blessing of Norgorber
6 Demonbane Temple Sword +3 Owner:Sajan Augury Ring of Energy Resistance Clockwork Dragonling Blessing of Achaekek
Subtle Deerhorn Knife Confusion Ring of Serene Contortions Blessing of Asmodeus
Blessing of Nethys

Total Boons: (100/83)

Total Cards: (109/92) - includes 9/9 for [character+role+token] cards x 3 characters; not including the card that explains the invokes keyword and how to use this deck in Organized Play/add to your home Base Set.

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