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Island of Empty Eyes is the fourth adventure in the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path.

Victory in the Free Captains' Regatta has certainly impressed the Pirate Council, so much so that they've granted you an isle to the northern reaches of the Shackles, an untamed land known as the Island of Empty Eyes. The island is far from deserted, however, and its named suggests an ancient secret. Clearing the island of its brutal residents and transforming it into a pirate haven should promise to be a daunting task, one made all the more challenging when foes from the past return with jealous agendas.


Name Reward
Home Sweet Home Each character gains a skill feat.
The Ruins of Sumitha Loot: Immortal Dreamstone, Vailea
Breaking the Dreamstone Each character gains a power feat.
Red Rum Gain all the cards under this card.
The Feast of Spoils Loot: Conch of the Tritons, Impossible Bottle, Scoundrel's Sword Cane


Each character gains a card feat. Gain a Class 4 ship feat.

Card List

Basic Elite (No power-level trait) Veteran Loot
weakest scales strongest

Boons (42/33)

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Invigorating Kukri +1 Blazing Servant Animated Shield (2) Alkali Flask (2) Audessa Reyquio Blessing of Asmodeus (5)
Rapier +2 (2) Control Weather Brine Dragonhide Breastplate Magic Spyglass Avimar Sorrinash
Saltbox Divine Fortune Eel Skin Armor Net of Snaring Ederleigh Baines
Spellsword +2 Holy Feast Ring of Rat Fangs Lady Cerise Bloodmourn
Sword Cane Pistol +2 Resist Energy (2) Skeleton Anchor Mase Darimar
Scoundrel's Sword Cane Telekinesis Sniper Goggles Pteranodon (2)
Conch of the Tritons Sefina
Immortal Dreamstone Vailea
Impossible Bottle

Banes and Other (68/41)

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Villain (4/4) Monster (15/10) Support/Adventure (6/6)
Fargo Vitterande Coral Golem Island of Empty Eyes
Ishtoreth Cyclops (2) Home Sweet Home
Paeta Dire Shark (2) The Ruins of Sumitha
The Eel Gargoyle Sniper (2) Breaking the Dreamstone
Henchmen (28/9) Giant Spyglass Octopus Red Rum
Animate Dream Koko The Feast of Spoils
Blink Spider (6) Pirate Guard (2) Locations (6/6)
Cyclops Oracle Sapphire Jellyfish Dinosaur Corral
Cyclops Savage (5) Sargassum Fiend Eye of Serenity
Daughter of Imerta (6) Shark-Eating Crab (2) Great Stone Bridge
Ghol-Gan Obelisk (6) Barriers (6/3) Hall of Champions
Gholdako Crawling Cyclops Hands (2) Ruined Amphitheater
Rampaging Triceratops Electricity Arc Trap (2) Teleportation Chamber
Shaija Symbol of Insanity (2) Ship (3/3)
Blood Moon
Come What May

Total card count: (110/XX)

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