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The Goblins Fight! Class Deck gives your goblin a toolkit for Organized Play, or just plenty of flavorful boons to discover in your home game. It also introduces 3 quirky goblin characters.

Back of the Box

Goblins Cut & Goblins Fight The Licktoad tribe has been gobbling up mutts for years, and now they're hungering to take over the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. This 109-card accessory includes Reta Bigbad and two of her stabby friends, plus enough dogslicers, lucky pet toads, and goblin artifacts to shoot, slice, and chomp your way through any Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Adventure Path. This deck can also be used in the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild organized play campaign.


The general characteristics and playstyle you can expect of any goblin (including the 3 in this deck):

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The bolded ability names and their immediately following italicized text are Community-created and even more unofficial than usual for this wiki. More generally, all playstyle listings here are reductive and incomplete by necessity. Look at them for inspiration, then build and play your character as you see fit: [need show/hide button]


Card List

Count format: (cards/card names)













Basic Blowgun Confusion Buckler Alchemist's Fire Frog Blessing of the Gobs (6)
Dagger Doghide Armor Beehive Reformarium Servant
Dart Stalking Armor Caltrops Spider
Dogslicer Potion of Striding Vulture
Hand Crossbow Thieves' Tools Fat Frog
Shortbow Redbutt
Sickle Spotol
Torch Stankrush
B Garrote Buckler Gun Potion of Healing Snake Blessing of Hadregash
Hand Cannon Smoked Glass Goggles Blessing of Lamashtu
1 Animalbane Dagger +1 Corrosion Magic Studded Leather Armor Emerald of Dexterity Wolverine Blessing of Bark Breaker
Dogslicer +1 Vicious Caltrops Xoff Blessing of Venkelvore
Force Shortbow +1
2 Flaming Scimitar +1 Shark Skin Armor Goblin Pickles Mighty Gugmuff XXXII Blessing of Lady Lastbreath
Javelin of Lightning Ivory Dice Rotgut Blessing of Venkelvore (2nd)
3 Animalbane Crossbow +2 Incendiary Cloud Pot Helm Drums of Panic Kupmuk Blessing of Hadregash (2nd)
Cleaving Dogslicer +2 Twitch Tonic Rogue Ape
Fangfile +1
4 Dagger of Doubling Ophidian Armor Climber's Gloves Lizard Blessing of Lady Lastbreath (2nd)
Improvised Monster Potion of Heroism Mighty Steed Blessing of the Boss
Sawtooth Sabre +2
5 Humanbane Gladius +2 Life Leech Bearskin Armor Serpentform Belt Velociraptor Blessing of Bark Breaker (2nd)
Planar Crossbow +2 Skill Slug Zob Eversong
Rapier of Puncturing
6 Flaming Longbow +2 Flaming Buckler Gun Chaos Stone Baby Triceratops Blessing of the Demon Queen
Force Sling +3 Ring of Energy Resistance Hoggmaw

Total Boons: (100/91)

Total Cards: (109/100) - includes 9/9 for [character+role+token] cards x 3 characters; not including the card that explains the invokes keyword and how to use this deck in Organized Play/add to your home Base Set.

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