The Curse of the Crimson Throne is a complete Adventure Path containing 550 Level 0-7 cards for use with the Core Set.

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Harrow (54 cards)

All Harrow cards are Level-1 Blessings.

Key (DEX) Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good The Dance The Cricket The Juggler
Neutral The Locksmith The Peacock The Rabbit Prince
Evil The Avalanche The Crows The Demon's Lantern
Shield (CON) Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good The Trumpet The Survivor The Desert
Neutral The Brass Dwarf The Teamster The Mountain Man
Evil The Tangled Briar The Sickness The Waxworks
Book (INT) Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good The Hidden Truth The Wanderer The Joke
Neutral The Inquisitor The Foreign Trader The Vision
Evil The Rakshasa The Idiot The Snakebite
Hammer (STR) Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good The Paladin The Keep The Big Sky
Neutral The Forge The Bear The Uprising
Evil The Fiend The Beating The Cyclone
Star (WIS) Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good The Winged Serpent The Midwife The Publican
Neutral The Queen Mother The Owl The Carnival
Evil The Eclipse The Mute Hag The Lost
Crown (CHA) Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good The Empty Throne The Theater The Unicorn
Neutral The Marriage The Twin The Courtesan
Evil The Tyrant The Betrayal The Liar

Level 0 (45 cards)

Weapon (5) Spell (8) Armor (4) Item (11) Ally (9) Blessing (8)
Bolas Acid Burst Armored Coat Antiplague Acadamae Student Sands of the Hour (8)
Kukri Burst Bonds Klar Elixir of Love Burglar
Scimitar Candlelight Quilted Cloth Armor Holy Symbol Card Caster
Scythe False Life Studded Leather Armor Holy Water Harrowed Society Student
Sword Cane Frozen Touch Horn of Battle Clarity Harrower
Immolate Magnifying Glass Korvosan Guard
Infernal Healing Plague Mask Merchant
Sanctuary Spellbook Pig
Spider Venom Spider
Spiked Gauntlet
War Drum

Level 1 (91 cards)

Weapon (7) Spell (9) Armor (5) Item (7) Ally (9) Blessing (54)
Cold Iron Greatsword Bloodscent Archer's Kite Shield Bastion Boots Bound Imp Harrow Cards (54)
Cruel Longsword Elemental Treaty Magic Chain Mail Harrow Deck Craftsman
Earthbreaker Fool's Gold Magic Hide Armor Helpful Haversack Gang Enforcer
Elven Curve Blade Frost Ray Magic Spiked Breastplate Mist Horn Gentleman Explorer
Flaming Shortbow Harrowstrike Slick Leather Smoke Bomb Korvosan Dandy
Returning Starknife Minor Harrowing Wand of Acid Burst Leech
Snakebite Dagger Remove Disease Wand of Force Missile Priest of Abadar
Sonic Blast Priest of Asmodeus
Toxic Cloud Priest of Pharasma

Level 2 (36 cards)

Weapon (6) Spell (8) Armor (5) Item (9) Ally (8)
Cleaving Battleaxe Deathgrip Gray Maiden Plate Drums of Haste Eries Yelloweyes
Frost Longspear Dimensional Jump Grounded Studded Leather Horn of Blasting Fortune-teller
Humanbane Rapier Disable Mechanism Magic Klar Iron Shackles Korvosan House Drake
Keen Starknife Enervation Magic Mithral Chain Mail Liquid Courage Magistrate
Venomous Hand Crossbow Enlarge Mithral Chain Shirt Plaguebringer's Mask Naval Hero
Vicious Scythe Full Pouch Ring of Evasion Pit Gladiator
Unearthly Aim Twitch Tonic Sergeant-at-arms
Vampiric Touch White War Paint Tayce Soldado
Zellara's Harrow Deck

Level 3 (32 cards)

Weapon (6) Spell (8) Armor (4) Item (6) Ally (8)
Acidic Bolas Chain Lightning Magic Spiked Full Plate Bloodroot Poison Acadamae Scholar
Dragonbane Greatsword Divine Fortune Maiden's Helm Drums of Panic Ausio Carowyn
Sawtooth Saber Dragon's Breath Sable Company Hide Fate-reader Lenses Cerulean Mastermind
Seeking Longbow Harrowing Sable Company Leathers Marked Cards Dream Spider
Shock Kukri Ice Strike Persona Mask Hellknight of the Nail
Wounding Spear-axe Magical Mansion Red Mantis Mask Ruan Mirukova
Mistform Sable Company Marine
Poison Blast Wolverine

Level 4 (37 cards)

Weapon (7) Spell (7) Armor (4) Item (9) Ally (9) Blessing (1)
Blackjack's Daggers Acid Rain Bearskin Armor Belt of Physical Might Firepelt Cougar Achaekek's Claws
Blackjack's Rapier Death's Touch Moon Maiden Armor Blackjack's Gear Hippogriff Fledgling
Limning Starknife Divine Blaze Shoanti Barbarian Hide Blue War Paint Jasan Adriel
Returning Totem Spear Giant Form Totem Klar Bottled Lightning Landshark Whelp
Thundering Earthbreaker Instrument of Agony Dust of Revealing Lyrune-quah Truthspeaker
Verminbane Warhammer Restoration Fireball Beads Nightspear
Vindicator Safe Haven Red War Paint Salvator Scream
Silver War Paint Sklar-quah Thundercaller
Wand of Restorative Touch Skoan-quah Boneslayer

Level 5 (29 cards)

Weapon (6) Spell (7) Armor (4) Item (6) Ally (6)
Banudor Breath of Life Angelic Armor Brooch of Protection Aerilaya
Deathbane Sling Disintegrate Dread Helm Headband of Mental Superiority Andachi
Deathbane Throwing Axe Icy Prison Mantle of Life Ring of Immolation Lyrune-quah Moon Maiden
Horrorbane Heavy Pick Major Harrowing Stone-shard Breastplate Scabbard of Keen Edges Pegg and Louie
Keen Spiked Chain Quickened Ray Whisper of the First Lie Risibeth
Speed Battleaxe Scrying Wyvern Poison Zellara
Steal Soul

Level 6 (31 cards)

Weapon (8) Spell(7) Armor (4) Item (7) Ally (5)
Ashbringer Boneshatter Greater Bolstering Armor Fuse Grenade Darb Turtle
Commander's Falchion Corrosive Storm Hellknight Plate Lyre of Storms Formian Myrmidon
Dancing Dagger Dominate Kazavon's Shield Ring of Energy Resistance Hippogriff
Fury's Trident Meteor Swarm Mantle of Faith Staff of Greater Healing Toff Ornelos
Guardian Bow Repulsion Staff of Greater Necromancy Venster Arabasti
Serithtial Sadomasochism The Lost Harrows
Shocking Sawtooth Saber Shapechange Third Eye
Ukwar Axe

Level 7 (2 cards)

Weapon Spell Armor (1) Item (1) Ally Blessing
Trifaccia's Mantle Ring of Splendid Security

Banes and Other

Level 0 (52 cards)

Supporter (1) Cressida Kroft
Cohorts (1) Radovan
Locations (25) Abandoned Shacks Alley Arsenal Bank of Abadar Barracks
Base Blood Pool Boat Cinderlands Den of Iniquity
Docks Dunes Fishery Glade Hospice
Office Ossuary Pits Reading Room Rooftops
Slaughterhouse Spider Nest Tenement Thicket Throne Room
Wildcards (1) The Harrows
Story Bane Roster (1) Curse of the Crimson Throne Story Bane Roster
Story Bane (6) Gaedren Lamm and Gobblegut Jigsaw Shark Lamm’s Lamb Monstrous Spider Rioting Mob
Scourge (2) Honor-Tested Plagued
Monster (3) Dire Rat Guard Dog Sneak
Barrier (3) Cutpurse Gang Imps and House Drakes Mountebank
Character + Role Card (9) Hakon Kess Quinn Varian Blackjack

Level 1 (36 cards)

Supporter (4) Amin Jalento Thousand Bones Trinia Sabor Vencarlo Orisini
Story Bane (12) Cabbagehead Carrion Golem Chittersnap Derro Devargo Barvasi
Evidence Fugitive Grau Soldado Knivesies Verik Vancaskerkin
Vreeg Wererat
Monster (12) Boggard Hell Hound Necrophidian Plaguebearer Ratling
Reefclaw Sczarni Thief Shadow Skeletal Owlbeast Spider Swarm
Strangler Traitor
Barrier (8) Acid-Spraying Skull Concealed Hatch Dissident Guard Flanking Attack Ill Tidings
Mad Prophet Phantasmal Apparition Tangle of Debris

Level 2 (37 cards)

Supporter (2) Ishani Dhatri Keppira D'bear
Story Bane (13) Blood Veil Boggard Champion Daughter of Urgathoa Doctor Davaulus Girrigz
Gray Maiden Guard Jolistina Susperio Lady Andaisin Leukodaemon Plague Zombie
Queen's Physician Rolth Lamm Yvicca
Monster (14) Barghest Basilisk Dire Crocodile Diseased Rats Geist
Ghoul Bat Gray Maiden Footsoldier Guardian Zombie Infantry Devil Orc Rager
Red Mantis Initiate Smoke Slayer Vampire Spawn Vampiric Mist
Barrier (8) Captive Horror Death's Breath Door Flask of Curses Foes on all Sides Sick Child
Snake Oil Seller Symbol of Agony Treacherous Tunnels

Level 3 (30 cards)

Supporter (2) Laori Vaus Neolandus Kalepopolis
Story Bane (10) Bahor Blood Pig Bout Inferno Jabbyr Pilts Swastel
Rakshasa Red Mantis Assassin Senshiir Sivit Vimanda
Monster (10) Bogeyman Dandasuka Emperor Cobra Enormous Reefclaw Garden Guardian
Giant Anaconda Inquisitor Devil Mammoth Mist Horror Rajambari
Barrier (8) Assassination Squad Biting Tigers Fangs of Diomazul Hungry Smoke Madness Mist Trap
Stinging Wasps Symbol of Fear Wailing Maidens

Level 4 (25 cards)

Supporter (2) Krojun Eats-what-he-kills Truthspeaker Akram
Story Bane (6) Ashwing Gargoyle Cinderlander Cindermaw Cinnabar Pack Landshark
Red Reaver
Monster (11) Ash Giant Bloodbug Swarm Catoblepas Cytillipede Emperor Scorpion
Gargoyle Hippogriff Rider Landshark Roc Wyvern
Barrier (6) Brain Mold Dispelling Mist Eternal Glyphs Friendly Game of Sredna Red Mantis Ambush
Vortex of Madness

Level 5 (34 cards)

Supporter (1)

Shadowcount Sial

Story Bane (11)

Belshallam Castrothrane Danse Macabre Ildervok Kleestad
Knurlott Lashton Mandraivus Mithrodar the Chained Nihil the Ashbringer
Monster (15) Ash Giant Zombie Banshee Baykok Corpse Lotus Dybbuk
Ember Ghoult Fury Devil Hordemaster Kazavon's Iron Golem Manananggal
Sayona Sentinel Devil Shining Child Skeletal Minotaur Soul Mistress
Barrier (7) Crematory Blast Curse of the Worm Cursed Statue Forbiddance Obsession of Battle
Obsession of Servitude Warning Bells

Level 6 (32 cards)

Supporter (3)

Grandmaster Boule Marcus Endrin Sabina Merrin

Story Bane (15)

Akaruzug Beirawash Ileosa Ascendant Ileosa's Fury Kayltanya
Kordaitra Destaid Koriantu Mother of Thorns Queen Ileosa Sermignatto
Taniniver Tisharue Togomor Vavana Dhatri Zenobia Zenderholm
Monster (10) Ancient Black Dragon Immortal Ichor Infernal Warhounds Meladaemon Mobogo
Scarlet Walker Toad Demon Warlord Devil Warsworn Yzahnum the Efreeti
Barrier (4) False Heroes Palace Patrols Paralytic Pulse Soultrapping Gem

Level 7 (1 card)

Story Bane (1)




We should make a post-Core legend that loses Basic and Elite and has promos and loot

I'm trying out a format for loot and veteran on Curse. If people like it we can apply it to Core as well. My reason for not just using the old colour for loot is that loot has a specific colour (blue) associated with it now, due to the templating for the loot trait. I decided to just use the old colour for veteran, however. --Eagle0600 (talk) 01:26, June 19, 2020 (UTC)
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