The Core Set updates and revises the rules and provides the basis for future Adventure Paths.

Card List (440 cards)

Boons (232 cards)

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Level-0 (100 cards)
Weapon (17) Spell (21) Armor (9) Item (17) Ally (16) Blessing (20)
Battleaxe Acid Arrow Chain Mail Acid Flask Acolyte Benefaction (5)
Dagger Aid Chain Shirt Balmberry Archer Incitation (5)
Dogslicer Confusion Half-Plate Blast Stone Bat Orison (5)
Heavy Crossbow Cure Heavy Shield Bracers of Protection Cat Prayer (5)
Light Crossbow Deflect Helm Caltrops Dog
Longbow Detect Evil Hide Armor Codex Frog
Longspear Detect Magic Leather Armor Compass Guide
Longsword Divine Insight Light Shield Crowbar Horse
Mace Enchant Weapon Spiked Breastplate Elixir of Energy Resistance Lookout
Quarterstaff Enhance Elixir of Healing Mouse
Rapier Fiery Glare Flame Staff Porcupine
Shortbow Force Missile Luckstone Sage
Shortsword Frostbite Noxious Bomb Snake
Sling Levitate Sage's Journal Soldier
Starknife Lightning Touch Spyglass Teamster
Throwing Axe Magic Eye Thieves' Tools Troubadour
Warhammer Phantasmal Minion Token of Remembrance
Soothing Word
Viper Strike
Level-1 (67 cards)
Weapon (8) Spell (10) Armor (7) Item (6) Ally (8) Blessing (28)
Allying Dart Charm Person Armor of Insults Boots of Friendly Terrain Bodyguard Abadar's Law (2)
Deathbane Light Crossbow Commune Covering Heavy Shield Cape of Escape Clockwork Servant Calistria's Sting (2)
Giantbane Greataxe Fire Bolt Full Plate Gem of Mental Acuity Crow Cayden Cailean's Revelry (2)
Glorious Warhammer Good Omen Magic Chain Shirt Gem of Physical Prowess Droogami Desna's Freedom (2)
Keen Rapier Holy Light Magic Leather Armor Sacred Candle Fox Erastil's Eye (2)
Quarterstaff of Vaulting Invisibility Spiked Half-Plate Staff of Minor Healing Giant Slug Gorum's Iron (2)
Returning Throwing Axe Knock Tower Shield Standard Bearer Gozreh's Growth (2)
Seeking Shortbow Life Drain Tinker Iomedae's Justice (2)
Locate Object Irori's Mastery (2)
Mirror Image Nethys's Duality (2)
Pharasma's Knowing (2)
Sarenrae's Light (2)
Shelyn's Song (2)
Torag's Power (2)

Level-2 (31 cards)

Weapon (4) Spell (5) Armor (5) Item (7) Ally (4) Blessing (6)
Flaming Mace Aspect of the Monkey Brute Force Shield Banner of the Ancient Kings Bound Homunculus Asmodeus's Tyranny
Frost Longbow Fly Glamered Leather Armor Belt of Physical Prowess Flensing Jelly Lamashtu's Madness
Lucky Starknife Heat Metal Helm of the Valkyrie Circlet of Mental Acuity Noble Norgorber's Shadow
Shock Glaive Lightning Bolt Magic Full Plate Elixir of Focus Riding Allosaurus Rovagug's Destruction
Twisted Space Shield of Resistance Ring of Protection Urgathoa's Gluttony
Tangleburn Bag Zon-Kuthon's Pain
Wand of Flame
Level-3 (34 cards)
Weapon (2) Spell (4) Armor (3) Item (3) Ally (2) Blessing (20)
Venomous Dagger Clairvoyance Impervious Chain Shirt Ambrosia Djinn Blackfingers
Wyrmsmite Restorative Touch Lion's Helm Wand of Enervation Raccoon Grandmother Nightmare
Volcanic Storm Voidglass Armor Wayfinder Lady Despair
Wall of Light Lady Luck
Lady of Valor
Master of Masters
Old Deadeye
Our Lord in Iron
The All-Seeing Eye
The Eternal Rose
The Father of Creation
The First
The Gold-Fisted
The Healing Light
The Lady of Mysteries
The Lucky Drunk
The Prince of Pain
The Savored Sting
The Wind and the Waves
The Worldbreaker

Banes and Other (208 cards)

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Level-0 (106 cards)
Character + Role Card (24) Amiri Ezren Fumbus Harsk Kyra
Lem Lini Merisiel Sajan Seelah
Seoni Valeros
Location (37) Academy Bridge Campsite Caravan Castle
Cathedral Cave Cell Chambers Cliff
Crypt Dungeons Farm Forest Graveyard
Island Laboratory Lair Library Manor
Mine Mountain Oubliette Plaza Ravine
Repository River Ruin Shop Shrine
Stable Storehouse Swamp Tavern Tower
Trail Twisting Passages
Wildcards (2) The Onslaughts The Perils
Story Bane Roster (1) Dragon's Demand Story Bane Roster
Story Bane (5) Bandit Chemist Collapse Dire Wolf Rescue
Scourge (7) Dazed Drained Entangled Exhausted Frightened
Poisoned Wounded
Monster (8) Bloodbug Cave Lizard Goblin Troublemaker Ogre Rat Swarm
Skeleton Wolf Pack Zombie
Barrier (4) Burning Tar Evil Eye Lost Local Pit Trap
Proxy (19) Henchman Proxy A(1-8) Henchman Proxy B(1-8) Villain Proxy V(1-3)
Level-1 (64 cards)
Story Bane (25) Accuser Devil Ancient Skeleton Animated Object Clockwork Guardian Cultist
Diabolical Imp Drake Elemental Goblin Marauder Green Faith Druid
Grioth Homunculus Inferno Trap Kobold Champion Kobold Horde
Kobold Sorcerer Mysterious Relic Planar Rift Poison Dart Trap Screaming Lock
Shae Trapped Furniture Wight Witness Zombie Minions
Monster (20) Accursed Priest Allip Attic Whisperer Azer Boggart
Cave Bear Crocodile Demonling Dire Badger Dire Boar
Evoker Ghost Ghoul Giant Fly Giant Toad
Mercenary Swamp Ooze Termite Swarm Werewolf Yeth Hound
Barrier (19) Ambush Brawl Door Spike Drowning Mud Ghastly Runes
Haughty Nobles Ingratiating Minion Labyrinth Locked Door Mob of Undead
Perplexing Text Poison Gas Razor Snare Shrieky Plant Spiked Volley
Symbol of Sleep Trapped Chest Warband Wounded Wanderer
Level-2 (25 cards)
Story Bane (3) Mummy Vampire Wraith
Monster (14) Brain Ooze Deadfall Scorpion Faceless Stalker Gargoyle Harpy
Metal Cobra Mimic Minotaur Pixie Gang Quivering Cube
Spectre Troll Unseen Sentinel Will-o'-Wisp
Barrier (8) Cryptic Message Exploding Runes Guardian Door Haunt Imprisonment
Invisible Wall Secret Stockpile Thunderstorm
Level-3 (13 cards)
Story Bane (3) Dragon Lich Lunar Naga
Monster (6) Basilisk Chimera Dire Lion Ghast Manticore
Wood Golem
Barrier (4) Summoning Trap Symbol of Insanity Wall of Lightning Wyvern Blade Trap
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