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Deck Release Date
Bard Class Deck Oct 1, 2014
Cleric Class Deck Oct 1, 2014
Fighter Class Deck Oct 1, 2014
Ranger Class Deck Oct 1, 2014
Rogue Class Deck Oct 1, 2014
Sorcerer Class Deck Oct 1, 2014
Wizard Class Deck Oct 1, 2014
Paladin Class Deck Aug 26, 2015
Monk Class Deck Sep 30, 2015
Druid Class Deck Dec 16, 2015
Barbarian Class Deck Feb 24, 2016
Oracle Class Deck Mar 30, 2016
Alchemist Class Deck Apr 27, 2016
Inquisitor Class Deck May 25, 2016
Witch Class Deck Jun 29, 2016
Goblins Fight! Class Deck Aug 4, 2016
Goblins Burn! Class Deck Aug 4, 2016
Gunslinger Class Deck Aug 31, 2016
Warpriest Class Deck Sep 28, 2016
Summoner Class Deck Oct 19, 2016
Magus Class Deck Aug 17, 2017
Pathfinder Tales Character Deck Oct 3, 2017
Hell's Vengeance Character Deck 1 Oct 31, 2017
Hell's Vengeance Character Deck 2 Nov 28, 2017
Hunter Class Deck Dec 26, 2017
Occult Adventures Character Deck 1 Jan 31, 2018
Occult Adventures Character Deck 2 Feb 28, 2018
Ultimate Combat Add-On Deck Mar 28, 2018
Ultimate Magic Add-On Deck Apr 25, 2018
Ultimate Intrigue Add-On Deck May 30, 2018
Ultimate Equipment Add-On Deck Jun 27, 2018
Ultimate Wilderness Add-On Deck Aug 2, 2018

All Class Decks available - Paizo

All official Paizo Class Deck blogs - Paizo

List of additional characters that can be legally used in Organized Play for each Class Deck - Paizo Blog - There are well over 100 character/Class Deck combinations so far that are legal for Organized Play, though some of these combinations are unlockable rewards for completing certain scenarios.

Add-On Decks

In the comments of this [Paizo Blog], cartmanbeck provides extremely useful advice - recommending an excellent Ultimate Add-On deck for every Class Deck. No matter which Class Deck you play, there's an ideal Add-On deck that you can legally add to your deck box, greatly expanding your character's deckbuilding options! This is particularly useful for older Class Decks, whose characters still have great abilities, but who might otherwise miss out on the variety added to boon designs throughout the years.

Promo Cards

A number of promotional cards have been distributed by Paizo through conventions, box sets, or as retail incentives.

Source Material
Rise of the Runelords Promo Cards
Skull & Shackles
Wrath of the Righteous
Mummy's Mask
Pathfinder Battles (Iconic Heroes)
Obsidian Entertainment
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