The Bard Class Deck introduces 4 playable bards, including a new take on the iconic Lem. It also contains ~100 boons for players to find in any home game. Alternatively, it's all you need to play a bard at Organized Play events.


  • Excel in Charisma and Diplomacy. Have many allies.
  • Support local teammate checks with a simple recharge.
  • Cast both Arcane and Divine spells with Charisma.
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Unofficial Power Names

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To inspire roleplay and help you pick a character you'll enjoy. The 1st column powers are innate; the others are locked behind roles (you get to pick one role halfway through an adventure path). Even after selecting a role, role powers must be selected one by one, and there are many competing upgrades you might pick instead - see each character's wiki page for details.
Bekah Troublemaker Warchief
Fetch Quest Command an ally to retrieve something left out of reach.
At turn start, may reload an ally to draw from the deck bottom.
Hand-Off You have allies among the locals who will swiftly pass along aid.
Local teammates may give you newly acquired boons.
Critical Eye Find weapons of exceptional quality. Detect weakness in proud foes.
Acquire weapons and defeat story foes more easily.
Bardic Performance (Martial) A flashy war dance with a weapon or blooms of magic.
Recharge a weapon or spell to help a local teammate.
Glorious Mischief You've caused trouble for the foes of someone you want to impress.
Teammate blessings on your Diplomacy checks give 1d12.
Inspiring Presence Your comrades fight tirelessly when you join them at the front.
When you bless a local teammate, they may recharge a random discarded weapon.
Hidden Fang Strength most wouldn't expect of a diplomat and their ornamental weapon.
Obtain and use finesse weapons better than most bards.
Expendable If they don't want to help, that just makes it OK to trick them into helping.
May explore again after failing to recruit an ally (reminder: you can choose to fail any check).
Forced March No obstacle will deter your party. Whining is not tolerated.
May explore again after failing to defeat a barrier.
Lem Arcane Tinkerer Tent Preacher
Magical Refrain You can tease back a spent spell by continuing to play its tune.
At turn start, may discard a spell to take one from discard.
Arcane Initiate I've read about this!
Acquire and recharge Arcane spells more easily.
Instrument of the Divine You are highly attuned to matters of the spirit.
Acquire and recharge Divine spells more easily.
Bardic Performance You always find a way to lift spirits - even while multitasking.
Recharge any card to help a local teammate. If the card is healing, you heal 1 at random.
Cool-Headed Did you consider...
Your blessings give 1d12 to non-combat INT/CHA checks.
Rouse Passions Invoke your deity's will in fiery language.
Your blessings give 1d12 to non-combat WIS/CHA checks.
Polymath Charm Person is not always the answer. Good thing you've got plenty more tricks.
Recharge an Arcane spell to draw a card.
Charity You use your divine ability unselfishly, trusting your deity to provide for you.
Recharge a Divine spell to draw a card.
Manipulate Probability Your favorite tools are stored in odd but effective locations.
You may shuffle after any recharge.
Hand of Fate You experience lucky coincidences at an incredible rate.
You may shuffle after any recharge.
Meliski Brawler Gambler
Bardic Performance (Bluff) Convince a teammate to push their luck, silver-tongued words laced with magic.
Recharge any card to let a local teammate reroll 1 die on a failed check.
Drunken Luck Not nearly as drunk as you seem, you wobble like a weak buffoon but search for the ideal moment to strike.
You can play 2 blessings on your own combat check and recharge them instead of discarding.
Go All In Careful play builds a ledger of fortune for your most dangerous moments.
You can play 2 blessings on your own combat check.
Watering Hole When you arrive somewhere new, the first order of business is always finding the local bar. It's where you do your best work.
Your first exploration each turn may encounter the bottom card of your location.
Improvised Weapon Why would you ever carry a weapon when there are so many stools, mugs, and bottles just laying around?
Make a Melee attack at STR+1d6 without playing a weapon.
Cheat Career gamblers know to cheat in small, imperceptible ways. It builds up over time, and keeps your lifespan from becoming cruelly short.
Bury a card to add 1 to a failed check.
I'll Be Taking That That lout had something useful. Perhaps something your ally would like as a gift. No need to tell them where you got it.
When you defeat a monster in combat, recharge a random card from discard.
Life is a Gamble And the game only ends when you do.
You may recharge Gambling cards instead of discarding, banishing, or burying them.
Siwar Courtier Manipulator
Bardic Performance (Flattery) The most powerful flattery is overheard. You enchant the tongue of a bribed local or a trusted co-conspirator so their whispers are heard without fail.'
Recharge any card (or reload an ally) to help a local teammate.
Obtain Service The aristocracy trades in lives and loyalty. Deals can be struck to lease a servant of interest.
Acquire allies more easily.
Infiltrate Your presence amongst local gentry provides critical intel against notable foes.
Local teammates are automatically helped when fighting story foes.
Courtly Bearing This is the sort of trouble we can resolve over tea. Leave the grunt work to the grunts.'
Use Diplomacy for any Skirmish or Task.
Second Chance The truest allies are obtained through generosity at their most vulnerable moment. You've anticipated it for so long.
Teammates who would bury or banish an ally may instead put it in your discard.
Scapegoat I'm not supposed to be here? But I'm hiding from that scary adventurer over there!
You may evade a bane by sending it to a random local teammate.
Secret Network Cloaked figures ferry packages to your comfortable quarters.
Local teammates may give you newly acquired boons.
Win-Win The adventurers think you selflessly helped them kill that beast. They don't know there's a reward.
If you bless a teammate's check that succeeds, you may recharge the blessing instead.
Send in the Grunts Servants exist because someone needs to get their hands dirty, and it's not me.
Recharge an ally to add 1d6 to any Task.

Card List

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B Light Crossbow Arcane Armor Leather Armor Bracers of Protection Burglar Blessing of Erastil
Longspear Black Spot Wooden Shield Codex Dilettante Blessing of the Gods (4)
Rapier Charm Person Ivory Dice Fox Blessing of Milani
Cure Potion of Glibness Noble Brat (2)
Glibness Old Salt
Inflict Retainer (2)
Lightning Touch Troubadour
1 Dagger +1 (2 Cure Magic Leather Armor Ruby of Charisma Raconteur Blessing of Abadar (2)
Short Sword +1 Fear Spyglass Social Climber Blessing of Erastil
2 Deathbane Light Crossbow +1 Lightning Bolt Shield of Fire Resistance Cook Blessing of Erastil
Flaming Scimitar +1 Paralyze Merchant Blessing of Gozreh (2)
Safe Harbor
3 Trident +2 Incendiary Cloud Spiny Shield Duelist Blessing of Norgorber (3)
Scrying Valet
4 Runechill Hatchet +2 Holy Feast Bolstering Armor Headband of Alluring Charisma Wayfarer Blessing of Lamashtu
Major Cure Yap the Pixie Blessing of Milani (2)
Poison Blast
5 Keen Rapier +3 Blizzard Reflecting Buckler Marked Cards Chevalier Blessing of Achaekek
Life Leech Pyromaniac Mage Blessing of Lamashtu
Raise Dead Sacred Killer
6 Returning Frost Spear +2 Bewilder Ophidian Armor Sihedron Ring Fortune-Teller Blessing of Achaekek
Dominate Princeling (2)
Total Boons: (97/79) Total Cards: (109/91) - includes 12/12 for [character+role+token] cards x 4 characters; not including the card that explains how to use this deck in Organized Play/add to your home Base Set.

Back of the Box

Have Bard, Will Travel Bring your troubadour to any tavern with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Bard Deck. Explore four different bard characters in this 109-card set, from Lem the magic researcher to Siwar the information broker. The Bard Deck features diverse new allies, weapons, spells, and other loot to take your character all the way through any Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Base Set or Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Organized Play campaign. Play on!

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