The Barbarian Class Deck gives your front-line warrior a toolkit for Organized Play, or just plenty of flavorful boons to discover in your home game. It also introduces 3 new barbarian characters, including a new version of the iconic barbarian, Amiri.

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The general characteristics and playstyle you can expect of any barbarian (including the 3 in this deck):

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The bolded ability names and their immediately following italicized text are Community-created and even more unofficial than usual for this wiki. More generally, all playstyle listings here are reductive and incomplete by necessity. Look at them for inspiration, then build and play your character as you see fit: [need show/hide button]

Amiri Immovable Object Unstoppable Force
Brielle Kneecapper Opportunist
Ostog The Unslain Wencher

Card List

Count format: (cards/card names)












Basic Butterfly Sword Bone Spikes Blue War Paint Athlete Blessing of the Gods (5)
Heavy Pick Hide Armor Caltrop Bead Guide
Improvised Rock Stalking Armor Crowbar Quartermaster
Longspear Padded Armor Mattock Recruit
Longsword Potion of Beast Skin
Mace Potion of Fortitude
B Greatclub Magic Chain Mail Horn of Battle Clarity Retainer Blessing of Lamashtu
Greatsword Magic Padded Armor Potion of Healing Blessing of Torag
Scythe White War Paint
1 Greatclub +1 Helm of the Valkyrie Orange War Paint Mastiff Blessing of Achaekek
Improvised Club Wolfhide Armor Rage Totem Smith Blessing of Gorum
Ranseur of the Gargoyle
2 Improvised Greatclub Crocodile Skin Armor Topaz of Strength Cook Blessing of Gozreh
Scythe +1   Hide Armor of Fire Resistance Whetstone Wolf
Shock Glaive +1
3 Icy Hooked Hammer +1 Fortified Leather Armor Animal Totem Eagle Blessing of Abadar
Keen Butterfly Sword +2 Mammoth Hide Armor Red War Paint Vale Temros Blessing of Gorum (2nd)
Wounding Spear-Axe +1
4 Greatclub +3 Decemvirate Helm Belt of Giant Strength Bear Blessing of Cayden Cailean
Improvised Monster Ebon Thorn Iron Shackles Pit Gladiator
Runechill Hatchet +2
5 Flaming Ranseur +3 Bearskin Armor Magic Spyglass Avimar Sorrinash

Blessing of Gorum(3rd)

Keen Scythe +2 Metal Spikes Silver War Paint Mountaineer Blessing of Norgorber
Shock Greatsword +2
6 Falchion +3 Demon Armor Berserker Totem Baby Triceratops Blessing of Cayden Cailean (2nd)
Improvised Boulder Pelt of the Ulfen Wolf Black War Paint Pious Healer
Vicious Double Axe +1

Total Boons: (100/93)

Total Cards: (109/101) - includes 9/9 for [character+role+token] cards x 3 characters; not including the card that explains the invokes keyword and how to use this deck in Organized Play/add to your home Base Set.

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